Wojciech Sikora





Wojciech Sikora

Managing Partner at Henderson Consulting Polska Sp. z o.o.

  • A graduate of doctoral studies at the Warsaw School of Economics, College of Management and Finance, major: Management Sciences
  • A graduate of the Faculty of Sociology and Economics at the University of Lodz
  • A graduate of postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Lodz, major in Marketing and Management, MA Marketing and Management
  • A graduate of postgraduate studies at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, major: Group Trainer

Holder of numerous international certificates, including:

  • ICC International Coach – International Coaching Community
  • Certified PDI Consultant – Personnel Decisions International Profilor 360
years of experience
companies with implemented consulting and development
trained employees in four market sectors

Expert and professional activity:

He gained professional experience working in fmcg concerns, incl. in companies; House Of Prince (BAT), United Distillers (Diageo), International-Paper in sales departments in the positions of middle and senior management.

Trainer personality, business awareness expert.

For over 20 years in the consulting and development services market. He specializes in the implementation of consulting projects in the area of diagnosis, development and implementation of the level of business awareness among all levels of management of sales department employees in concerns from the fmcg sector. In his consulting career, he has completed consulting and development projects for over 180 largest concerns from all market sectors, including: fmcg, pharmacy, banking, production and more.

As a business awareness expert

  • Is the creator of the only tool in Poland and on the European market that tests the level of: knowledge, basic skills and advanced skills in the area of business awareness competences

  • has been conducting empirical research in Poland for 20 years on the reasons for the low level of business awareness among employees of sales departments on the fmcg market and its direct impact on the lack of performance of the KPIs.
  • in the last 2 decades he has conducted business awareness research in over 50 corporations from the fmcg sector at all management levels.
  • implements consulting and development projects aimed at building a competitive advantage of enterprises from the fmcg sector by increasing „hard” competences among sales department employees.

Wojciech Sikora significantly contributed to the scientific definition and classification as well as the market and media popularization of the problem of a low level of business awareness among employees of the sales department. As a multiple speaker, in the last 20 years he has been invited to numerous congresses where he presented empirical research and the change in efficiency among sales department employees after the implementation of projects increasing the level of business awareness.

His vision is to shape a conscious salesperson, sales manager, who in the process of professional work constantly strives to improve his professional competences in „hard” business competences, but also shares his practical knowledge with his environment in which he operates on a daily basis.