Wojciech Sikora






The empirical research and the development of the level of business awareness in sales organizations on the fmcg market in Poland for 20 years have confirmed the hypothesis that the deficit of knowledge and practical skills in the three sub-competences of business awareness covers all employees of sales departments, regardless of their position.

When conducting projects related to research, development and implementation of the level of business awareness in the sales organization, a three-stage proprietary consultation model is used each time.

We use following tools in diagnostic activities:

  • Business awareness test diagnosing current level of: knowledge, basic and advanced skills in the area of three business awareness sub-abilities: sales, finance, marketing
  • Business awareness focus group meetings
  • Business awareness assessment centre
  • Business awareness structured interviews
  • Business awareness ownership workshops

We provide our customers with following reportsand recommendations as part of counsulting activities::

  • Individual statistic report based on conducted business awareness level diagnosis
  • Full individual report with a comparision of personal scores vs. market benchmarks
  • Full presentation for customer, showing current level of business awareness among diagnosed employees of all levels in the sales department structure, including: positional benchmark, comparision to the market, deficit analysis on the levels od knowledge and skills in the area of three business awareness sub-abilities: sales, finance, marketing
  • Approach change recommendation concerning business awareness level development adequate to the specificity of each company
  • Indication of customer organisation resources on the grounds of which business awareness development process should be built
  • Consulting of the shape of assisting organisations at the stage of business awareness development
  • Development recommendations based on the outcome of conducted business awareness level diagnosis

We provide our customers with following solutions in the area of development activities:

  • Practical workshops directed at knowledge and practical skills level development in the area of defined deficits in respective business awareness activities
  • Business awareness coaching in dedicated employee workplace
  • Cascade coaching in organisations
  • Implementing the business awareness level development culture in a given company